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Meet Paul Dobson


Our second release featured music from Paul Dobson, we caught up with him recently for a few questions...

While you are a new name on the house scene you’ve had a whole other life under the name Refracture, how did you make the transition from breakbeat to your current sound?

It was a pretty smooth transition as I've always enjoyed enjoyed house music ever since I first listened to in the mix '96 at 9 years old on my cassette walkman(while flinging my arms everywhere). Over the last couple of years I have found myself making more and more house tracks that were just didn't fit with the 'Refracture' sound, so decided to give them an outlet of their own and have been lucky enough to enjoy some really good support and success with it so far!

How do you go about making a track, is there a particular way of working?  And for the tech heads what gear do you use?

Not particularly, I tend to just get up, have a decent breakfast and drink green tea until I feel ready to head down to my basement studio. I then carry on drinking a ridiculous amount of tea through the day - definitely my main studio aid! 

From the tracks on the Together EP it’s evident that you have formal music training, how did you first start your musical journey and how has this influenced your music under various guises?

That's very kind of you, but I am mostly self taught to be honest. I learnt the piano for a few years back in school, so that has probably given me a good starting point, but most of my productions skills I have now have just come from years of trial, error, youtube videos and production forums. My interest in music production very first started when I received a copy of 'Ejay' in a cereal packet when I was about 13. It wasn't a technical program, you literally just had to loop pre-made sounds together(although I'm pretty sure that's what some 'EDM' producers still do) and add some basic effects until you had a song. I got addicted to it, but wanted to start making my own sounds and be more creative, so I downloaded a copy of FL Studio and the rest is history!

Who is your strongest musical influence?

I have had a few over the years, but the one which always stays with me is Nine Inch Nails. The minor, sombre melodies and epic emotional feel to the tracks was something I had never experienced before. They also had some awesome remixes from Aphex Twin, which lead me to delving deeper into IDM, and then breaks and that is where my influence for Refracture began. More recently, over the last few years, artists such as Dusky,Paul Woolford and MK have really resonated with me, bringing me back to that love of feel good 90's house I had when I was young. That love for NIN will always be there in the background, though.

And finally, who’s music is getting you excited at the moment that needs to be on our radar?

A good friend of mine; Rektchordz, is producing some really cool raw tech and house stuff at the moment which always fit easily into my sets. His brother Ben Remember, who's recently been signed to Toolroom, is very much worth checking out also. A more obvious one is Special Request - really enjoying the forward thinking breaksy, oldskool, raw 4/4 stuff he's coming out with! Other than that, a few people off the top of my head are: Anotr, Rick Wakley Sidney Charles and Nixon - all producing music which I'm heavily supporting at the moment. There's loads of great music at the moment, but off the top of my head those are the ones that are really worth a listen!

Andy McAllister