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Meet Hostage


The next artist to release on four three six is legendary bass and techno producer Hostage and he's delivered us a huge four tracker firmly inspired by 90s hardcore, we sat down and asked him a few questions...


Your EP has many hallmarks of the early rave and hardcore scenes, tell us about your first rave and what music and DJs you experienced that night…

Hostage's first rave - Vision

Hostage's first rave - Vision

I went to my first rave when I was 16. Growing up in rural Aberdeenshire meant that when a rave finally came this far north it was a big deal. It felt like all my Christmases  had come at once. I remember specifically going to a sports shop a week before to buy a whistle! I wore the white gloves and had the glow sticks and had never stayed up so late in all my life. I remember feeling like I was the youngest person there as I think it was meant to be an over 18's event but I'd somehow managed to blag it onto the guest list via friend's father who had something to do with the security or something. I was overwhelmed by it all, I'd never been to a sporting event or anything so I'd never seen so many people in my entire life, I think there were 10,000 people there...and they were all smiling and patting me on the back as I pushed through the crowd... with strong central belt accents "go on wee man" . I'd danced. lots. I remember the music seemed a lot faster and abstract than the stuff I'd heard before which was quite exciting. I've no idea who actually played or even if any of the people on the line up actually played as the event was dogged with controversy and only went ahead at the last minute, Arena 2 didn't even have any music in it. The local shop boarded up it's windows as it thought gangs would clash! Some staging fell down. I wore shorts and t-shirt. It was very cold by 7am. I guess my hands were warm in their white gloves. The security all jacked their jobs in midway through the rave...it was really quite shambolic, but it was still life changingly awesome. We went back to a friends house in the morning, and then my mum and dad came and picked me up in the car...I could tell they were excited and very intrigued about it too and they proceeded to drive to the rave and drive right into the arena (there were no security to stop them!) and drive right around the huge marquee. I was too tired and happy to care.


 Fast forward and since then you’ve played all over the world, what’s been your favourite gig, and are there any cities that have captured your heart and imagination on your travels?


Wow, that's a hard one to answer. Some life changing notable one's were the Arcadia Afterburner at Glastonbury which was actually quite frightening...I did one of those festivals in Berlin where you play on a float with a what seems infinite sea of people following you as you bosh it out in broad daylight, that was really exciting. I've been very lucky and privileged to play in so many cities all over the world and in so many different styles of club, venue and festival. They all have their merits...Berlin. Paris. Barcelona. Stuttgart. Preston. Yes Preston! the list is almost endless, I always have my fun and always take away some inspiration and a bit of love for the city and the people in each place I visit.


To what extent does the music you grew up listening to remain important to the music you make?


I guess it's very important. The first compilation album I bought was in 1988 was 
Hip Hop and Rapping in the House.  This changed everything including the way I make music.

 At four three six we’re trying to bring back the link between music and art which we feel has been lost in the digital age now that album artwork has been reduced to a thumbnail.  Thinking back over the years what album or single cover comes to mind as the one that stands out and encapsulates a time or era in dance music?

The one which immediately comes to mind is The KLF - The White Room.

That's sculpture. Art. It's such an iconic image - a quasi-religious monolith for "stadium house"


The wearable release Fluxx EP by Hostage, with artwork by SPZero76 is available in February on four three six

Andy McAllister