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New Release - Aeon x Visual Deception Unit x four three six

I'm super proud to announce our latest release featuring work from the Australian street artist Aeon, inspired by music from Visual Deception Unit.

More than anything we've done so far this release reflects the spirit of collaboration and chance encounters.  I'd been working with Sasha Khan on a label I used to run called Ground Level, once that label closed and I started developing plans for four three six myself and Sasha started spending time the studio working on music.  Most of these evenings consisted of a studio session followed by a couple of beers and some discussion on my plans for the new project.  The EP was developed over the first year or so of the label's evolution, and reflects the musical diversity I'm hoping to bring with four three six, four very different tracks ranging from dub to grime but four tracks that sit together as a unit also.  The first track on the EP, Lights Go Down, features the vocal talents of Polly Yates, furthering the collaborative spirit even more.

The artwork for this release is from Aeon, a street artist from Melbourne, Australia.  A couple of months after launching the label I headed over to Barcelona for a few days holiday, hearing that it had a buzzing street art scene I got some recommendations on where to check out - one place was Fluorescent Smogg gallery.  It just so happened that on the night I landed they were opening their new show RZO by Egs, Aeon and Nug.

It was at this show I met Aeon, and got chatting about the new project I'd just started.  We swapped details and stayed in touch and once work was complete on the Visual Deception Unit EP I knew he was the right guy to get one board for the artwork.

This release has taken a little longer to get ready, due to one reason or another, but I'm super proud how this has turned out.  I've gone deep on this one and made a collection of items for this release, there's our standard short sleeve t-shirt, which comes with a back-print for the first time, and a front print featuring a hand-drawn version of our logo by Aeon.  There's also a long sleeved t-shirt, the first time we've released an organic cotton product, featuring the print in an orange and yellow colour way.  As an added bonus we put together a mixtape as Visual Deception Unit, and have made a real cassette, it features a Risograph printed cover and a two-tone cassette shell, as well as 60 minutes of 'chromatic audible graffiti'.  Finally there's a deluxe edition which includes the long sleeve t-shirt, a copy of the mixtape, and a super limited silk-screen print of the artwork by Aeon.

Andy McAllister