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Q&A with SPZero76

SPZero76 provided the artwork for our fourth wearable release, inspired by Hostage's Fluxx EP, we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his background and his work (which has also given us an excuse to show off some of his amazing walls on this page)...

Tell us about how you initially got into graffiti and street art, and how you first made your name?

I first got into graffiti and street art when I moved to Bristol in 1996. I always remember in 97 when there was the Walls of Fire paint jam. It took me years though until I felt brave enough to pick up a spray can in public myself, though.

Not long after, I used to exhibit alongside a lot of the artist I admired and as they painted the streets they had tags.  I decided to give myself a tag too. I came up with SPZero76 which stands for Solo Productions Zero Talent Since 1976. Ha! In hindsight I wish I had come up with a shorter less complicated tag.


You’re based in Bristol, a city renowned for it’s street art scene, is the city and it’s art scene reflected in your work?

Bristol features in my art quite a lot. I'm sure the art scene features in my work too, but Im struggling to give any examples.

After almost 20 years of living in the city it must be a massive influence.

It seems every week you’re doing a wall piece in a different city, apart from Bristol what are your favourite cities in the world?

Bristol is one of my favourite cities. Definitely the best in the UK. Ha!  Although I love New York and Melbourne.  I never painted either one of these cities when I was in them, but one day I would love to.

What medium do you prefer to work with?

I love drawing. Sat drawing with shit on the tv in the background. Although these days spray paint is a very close second.


The Hostage wearable release that you made the art for is very much influenced by 90s rave culture, and you’ve managed to capture that perfectly in the artwork, what’s your memories of that time, are there any songs or acts that stand out from that era?

I was a rock kid back in the 90s although my first single I bought was Oceanic_ Insanity. Im not sure if that counts! Ha!

 What are your plans for 2016?

Im not sure yet. I would like to do more illustration again.  Painting the streets is hard in the winter! Although I do want to paint abroad more! Lets see what happens.

SPZERO76 X Hostage is available now in our online store...

Andy McAllister