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Gross Magazine Volume 2

Gross Magazine Volume 2


We're super proud to be one of the only UK stockists for Gross Magazine, an amazing underground culture magazine from San Francisco, each magazine comes with hand placed stickers that reveal bonus content.  Volume 2 has 4 different covers, we have a few of each...


+ Removable die-cut artist stickers that reveal content. Slap em' around. ✋ 
+ Chewy interviews and stories to digest. 🤓 
+ Short easy stuff to browse. 😁 
+ Several hidden easter eggs. 🔮 
+ Original interviews, photos and stories. 💡


+ Every removable sticker is hand placed with love.🎖 
+ Velvet, non-scuff matte cover — even repels the occasional splash of malt liquor. 😍 
+ Short grain paper that spreads easier, oh yeah. 🎯


+ A$AP Ferg & Jay West
+ Ben Venom
+ Elizabeth Waggett
+ Eric Yahnker
+ Erin M. Riley
+ Hanni El Khatib
+ Innovative Leisure
+ Kit King
+ Tijuana Panthers

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