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Pressing Matters Issue 2

Pressing Matters Issue 2


The second issue of Pressing Matters is a whirlwind of a journey through the various disciplines of printmaking, be it epic etchings of old structures, bright and geometric letterpress creations or the scientific exploits of printing cyanotypes. In this issue we also take a look into how ink is made, which is both technical and mind-blowing! If there is a theme running through the stories in issue two, it is that of community, working together and sharing a creative journey with others. Examples of collective working are scattered throughout the pages of the magazine and it's clear that working with others can bring both surprising results and new directions for an artist. Saying that, we're always happy to celebrate the lone printmaker in Pressing Matters, and in this issue we have a real breadth of artists beavering away in their chosen discipline and sharing their inspirations and approaches with us all.

Issue two is a truly international affair with contributions from as far and wide as New Zealand, Ukraine and Germany, plus others based closer to home, dotted around the British Isles. This issue picks up where the first left off, casting the net a little wider and, in turn, reflecting the brilliant diversity of printmakers out there.


Format: 92 page perfect bound publication

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